Millennials want to feel free of judgement to explore and experiment with their personal wine taste.


The wine market in Portland is extremely saturated with wine bars, bars, breweries, restaurants, and distributors such as grocery stores. Our mock client for a Creative Strategy class wanted to open a wine bar in Portland, OR specifically target to millennials.


A variety of one-on-one interviews and friendship dinners was conducted gathering over 100 responses from millennials living in Portland, OR. We wanted to explore topics in these interviews such as how millennials view wine compared to other alcoholic beverages, the experiences they have had drinking wine, and how they viewed wine and drinking wine out in a social setting.


Millennials really enjoy drinking wine in the comfort of their homes with their friends. They would often tell stories about how they could drink it to unwind after a long work week or just simply a long day at work.

Ordering wine in a bar or restaurant can often be a stressful experience. They perceive wine to require a high bar of knowledge to be considered educated enough to drink wine.

Wine is seen as a drink for people who have got their shit together.

Millennials like to learn about new things in an environment where they do not need to worry about judgement. Wine especially, which pointed towards why so many were drinking wine in their homes rather than out at bars.



The Lab is a place where people can come to experience wine in a fun and interesting way. Rather than drinking wine from wine glasses, wine is presented in a series of test tubes all together as a flight of wine. Patrons can then blend the wines as they see fit in a large volumetric flask, experimenting with an old school method of wine blending in an exciting new way.

Tasting notes are presented on what looks like a page from a notebook, with information about the wine presented so that customers can learn more about the wines that they do and don’t like.

It was important to focus on the insight that our audience likes wine, they just don’t like the social pressures that come from how you’re supposed to and not supposed to drink wine. We eliminated those elements from the tasting experience and gave power back to the customer to experiment with their taste.