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Ooligan Press Social Campaign


“In a city of misfits, Ooligan is more than a masters program. It’s an opportunity to publish real books.”

Client –

Portland State Masters in Book Publishing Program

Credits –

Strategist – Roark Nelson

Strategist – Ashley Peters

Strategist – Maranda K. Seney

Strategist – Kevin Nickoloff

Media Planner – Caitie Sauer

Account Manager – Bailey Arvidson-Goodell

Account Manager – Jeanie Ng

Copywriter – Tobin Carlberg

Art Director – Boa Pham

Copywriter – Samuel Barnes

Art Director – Danielle Ochse-Emeka

Creative Director — Doug Lowell

Our Task –

The Portland State Masters in Book Publishing program came to us to launch a recruitment campaign for the Fall 2019 semester. The program is one of only 9 such Masters in Book Publishing offered in the United States, and the only such program west of Texas. They also are the only program to offer students access to their student run publishing house, allowing every student to have published a real book by the time they graduate.

Research Process –

As with many of the clients we get at FIR Northwest, we had no money to conduct any research. So, we had to get scrappy.

We dived into hours of background research on the program and how they compared to their competition. This gave us a lot of questions, the chief one being: why would students come to Portland State for their master’s degree when a majority of the industry in centered on the east coast?

Our next step was to interview as many current and former students in the program as we could to try and understand what set this program apart in their minds. As a team we conducted around 20 hour-long interviews, and then we poured through all the transcripts trying to make sense of it all. This led us to the following key points.

Main Takeaways –

Many students had made the decision to move to Portland before they had even heard of the program.

The independent book publishing scene in Portland was much more attractive to their audience than the more corporate culture on the east coast.

Getting real work experience at the student run publishing house was “priceless.”

Guiding Insight –

“In a city of misfits, Ooligan is more than a masters program. It’s an opportunity to publish real books.”

Campaign –

Utilizing paid social on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to create a target audience profile for potential applicants. The campaign saw a dramatic increase in website traffic, and slightly increased applications for the program during a period in which Portland State overall saw an overall decrease in Masters program applications.

The Campaign –

Other Work –