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Ooligan Press Social Campaign


“In a city of misfits, Ooligan is more than a masters program. It’s an opportunity to publish real books.”

Client –

Portland State Masters in Book Publishing Program

Credits –

Strategist – Roark Nelson

Strategist – Ashley Peters

Strategist – Maranda K. Seney

Strategist – Kevin Nickoloff

Media Planner – Caitie Sauer

Account Manager – Bailey Arvidson-Goodell

Account Manager – Jeanie Ng

Copywriter – Tobin Carlberg

Art Director – Boa Pham

Copywriter – Samuel Barnes

Art Director – Danielle Ochse-Emeka

Creative Director — Doug Lowell


The Story –

The Portland State Masters in Book Publishing program came to us to solve what they perceived as a simple problem:  they weren’t receiving enough applicants. They didn’t know what about their program was a major factor to bringing students in.

We dived into audience interviews with current and past students along with competition analysis, because we couldn’t solve the application problem without first understanding why students joined the program in the first place over much more well known schools.

What we found that there were two main elements that separated this program from the rest. First, the program featured the only student run publishing house in the country. Second, Portland as a location in the publishing world has a reputation of independence and creativity.

The guiding insight we realized was that their audience wanted didn’t just want to learn about publishing, despite joining of a masters program in publishing.

That lead to the following social campaign, showing undergrads that at Portland State they can publish real books.

The campaign led to a dramatic increase in website traffic, and slightly increased applications to the master program during a year in which the school as a whole saw a decreased rate of applications.

The Campaign –

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