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FIR Northwest Recruitment


Students want to work for a brand image; FIR does that.

Client –

FIR Northwest

Team –

Strategist – Roark Nelson

Strategist – Jon Pauly

Strategist – Elizibeth Bramlett

Copywriter – Jake Floeter

Art Director – Laura McCracken

Copywriter – Christian Ramos-Kearny

Art Director – Charles Xiong

Our Task –

FIR Northwest is the student operated advertising agency at Portland State University. In conjunction with the long-term brand platform we developed, we also set about creating a recruitment campaign for the summer/fall terms of 2019. This is a particularly important time of year for the agency to recruit because so many students in FIR graduate out in the Spring, which potentially leaves the summer term understaffed.

What we did –

We tried to divide this campaign into achieving two goals: recruiting students for the next available term and showing future students how FIR is a necessary part of their education.

With this campaign we compiled conversations with industry professionals, current students within FIR, and students in the advertising program who had not yet been able to be a part of FIR. We wanted to explore what makes FIR a unique part of students education and what it is about advertising that is so damn interesting.

It was important to realize that FIR Northwest doesn’t have a strong brand recognition within the Portland State community, as many students do not realize what it actually does. Those we spoke to within the advertising program that did know about it, but not as a something they needed to get a job after graduation.

Main Takeaways –

Many students who graduate with just a bachelor’s degree in advertising are under prepared to enter the job market.

Students want to work for powerful brand images, but they don’t realize how big a role agencies play in building those or how FIR Northwest is a real opportunity to do so.

Guiding Insight –

Students want to work for a brand image; FIR does that.

Campaign –

We wanted to relay to students that some of the most iconic brand images and campaigns were done done by an agency, and that by joining FIR Northwest students can actively participate in similar work with our local clients.

The following posters were placed throughout popular student areas in Portland State University and distributed to key classes that potential applicants were taking. These were also used on the FIR social channels organically to drive applicants to our website. A new page for applications was built on the FIR Website, making the application process much more user friendly.

Overall, the campaign was able to yield 20 applications for the Summer and Fall term.

The Campaign –

Other Work –