Roark Nelson is a travel and adventure photographer based out of Portland, OR. After growing up in the desolate region known as eastern Washington, he embarked on an epic journey along the Columbia River that included not just one but 2 stops at the royal establishment Taco Bell. At the end of this quest he discovered the little known town of Portland. Discovering that there are not only excellent mountains in which one can be uncomfortable in the cold, but also lush rainforest where one can aspire to be uncomfortable in the rain, and he soon fell in love with the region.

His work has been featured on:

  • National Geographic's Photo of the Day
  • The New York Times Lens Blog
  • Global Yodel
  • The Outbound

To work with Roark the preffered method of contact is by raven but he can be reached at roarknelsonphoto@gmail.com as well.