I don’t really remember how I was first introduced to photography, which is a testament to how long it has been apart of my life. My dad claims that the first time I held a camera, I chucked it in the toilet. That camera now sits on my mantle in its unusable condition.

I enjoy shooting the things I know, and for most of my life that has been the outdoors. I was raised early on by spending summers backpacking in eastern Oregon’s beautiful Wallowa Mountains, and still try to make it out there once a year to visit its pristine alpine lakes. I believe in making sure that my work has an authenticity to it, and try to make sure that each photo stands as a unique representation to the place or person within it. It is this mindset that I bring to my landscape and commercial work. I hope my work can be seen as a means of inspiring others to try and spend as much time outside and taking care of our natural places.  

My work has been featured by National Geographic, the New York Times, and VSCO. 

I can be reached at roarknelsonphoto@gmail.com