About Me –

I grew up traversing through the outdoors in Eastern Oregon taking photos of incredibly diverse landscapes and ecosystems. To make a landscape compelling, I tried to understand more about what brought these places together. Anyone can shoot a pretty photo, especially now with the advent of social media and digital photography, which is why I felt that a deeper understanding of my subject would lead to more powerful images.

I try to bring this mindset to how I pursue advertising. With all the tools at advertisers disposable now, it can seem like anyone will reasonably see some success. But without in-depth knowledge of your audience you’re unlikely to know why something worked, or equally important, why it didn’t. That’s why I try and understand how things fit together culturally and individually, to ensure that campaigns consistently hit the mark.  

NOTE: I look terrible in this photo because I had just finished my first ultra-marathon, and let’s just say it went rough. I am hoping the next one goes better. UPDATE: The next race went quite swell, thank you for asking.  


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